Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Fistful of Malbecs!

Malbec makes no pretense to being a wine for all seasons: January is when this varietal really shines! Winter stews, roasted vegetables, evenings when the sun goes down early... that's malbec's home ground. Here are three wines that show you both the fruit and the soil, and manage to be both earthy and sophisticated!
  • Don Eugeno Reserva 2005, from the Uco Valley in Mendoza, Argentina: Full-bodied with good tannins; big without being dopey---Sam Elliot rather than Ben Afflick.
  • Pascual Toso Malbec 2007, from the Maipu vinyards in Mendoza: Its maker calls this wine "sincere"; James Molesworth of the Wine Spectator called it "...fresh and open, with a mix of raspberry and black cherry fruit followed by a modest dose of toast on the easygoing finish"; I call it potent, earthy and rich! (And at less than $15, I also call it a steal!)
  • Altos las Hormigas Malbec 2007 from Mendoza: What can I say? A mighty wine---rustic, with fresh cherry fruit andjust a hint of anisette on the finish. Roast a squash and get out the glasses!

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